Posted by: Bob Clark | February 6, 2009

Word from An Atheist

Thanks to Edward Fudge and GracEmail for including a link to this 4 minute or so video clip that has some interesting thoughts from an atheist (Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller) that might be helpful to Christians. Check it out!


  1. You have to respect an man (Penn) who can look past his belief system and appreciate those who view life/religion differently. You also have to love a brother who is, in his own way, letting the light shine.I do not hide behind my struggles of faith and I will say that moments where Christians act like the Jesus of the Gospels makes those struggles worth fighting for faith in the One God.

  2. This ought to be shown in every church. Thanks for sharing.RC

  3. For some reason I don’t get GracEmail anymore. However, that was worth viewing. Thanks for posting.

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