Ministry Values

My ministry values can be summarized as follows —

  • Presenting the church as an acceptable offering to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit
  • Planning God-focused, life relevant sermons to provide healthy nourishment for the church
  • Preaching prayerfully planned sermons within the context of worship
  • Teaching and equipping the church family to be on mission for God – anywhere, all the time
  • Validating my words with a lifestyle patterned after Jesus
  • Promoting a loving, family atmosphere in the church through ministry and relationships
  • Leading and vision-casting with the creativity of the Father, the grace of Jesus, and the leading of the Spirit
  • Partnering with elders, ministers, deacons, and ministry leaders to serve alongside the entire body
  • Encouraging the body to reach out to others with compassion, love, and service
  • Cultivating relationships with the flock through prayer, listening, conversation, interaction, and the ministry of presence
  • Fostering a culture of unity among all members of the family while welcoming and honoring diversity

Planned Preaching

Putting together yearly preaching plans is important to me. In fact, my guided research project at Harding University Graduate School of Religion was “A Critical Analysis of Planned Preaching Methods.”  Throughout my ministry I have tried to identify, with input from other church leaders and members, ways in which I can utilize the pulpit to address specific congregational needs in order to equip and mature the congregation over the course of a year. These plans have usually been put together beginning with a season of prayer in August and the presentation of the final draft in October.

Here are a couple of sample preaching plans.

Sample preaching plan 2005

Sample preaching plan 2006

Pepperdine Bible Lectures

I am excited to be teaching again at the Pepperdine University Bible Lectures in May 2010, especially since Lourene and I will be teaching together. Click on the link below for more information.

Speaking in 2010

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