Baby Day

Baby Day is a yearly opportunity to celebrate the gift of life and to encourage new parents.  Below are a couple of resources I have used to prepare and present Baby Day.

2009 Baby Day Letter

Baby Day Pledges


Leadership development and care is crucial to congregational health. Below are a couple of sample resources that I have used to encourage the leaders of the church.

Elder Sabbaticals

Elder Pledges

Core Beliefs and Core Values

Linked below are the Core Beliefs and Core Values of the Skyline Church of Christ that I helped the elders and ministers produce.

Skyline Core Beliefs and Core Values


The ministry of deacons and other ministry leaders is greatly enhanced when expectations are clearly communicated. Below is a list of deacon ministry descriptions that I put together in community with the deacons involved.

Deacon Ministry Descriptions

Spiritual Formation

Bible classes offer a good opportunity for spiritual formation. Below is a link to an adult curriculum plan that I put together after reading Walter Brueggemann’s book The Creative Word: Canon as a Model for Biblical Education and having discussions with a team of three other church leaders.

2005-2009 Adult Bible Classes Grid

Below are links to sample  spiritual formation brochures I prepared to communicate to the congregation adult Bible class opportunities.

2007 Winter Adult Bible Classes Brochure

2008 Spring Adult Bible Classes Brochure

2008 Summer Adult Bible Classes Brochure

2008 Fall Adult Bible Classes Brochure

2009 Winter Spring Adult Bible Classes Brochure

2009 Summer Adult Bible Classes Brochure

2009 Fall Adult Bible Classes Brochure

Skyline Connect

Skyline Connect is a survey I prepared to encourage ministry involvement among the Skyline members.  The survey was distributed primarily by email but hard copies were provided for those unfamiliar with computers.

Skyline Connect


To help the church move from a “no budget” policy to having an organized spending plan, I designed in cooperation with a ministry assistant a new general ledger accounting system. Linked below is an Administering to Honor brochure designed to help the congregation think of church finances in terms of worship. The Vision Sunday Handouts were designed to encourage a missional self-awareness of Skyline members.

Administering to Honor 2006

Vision Sunday Handouts 2009


Links to websites I find helpful

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