“Meant To Live” Sermons from Acts 2:42-47

Sermon audio & PowerPoint presentations

“Meant to Live: Recapturing the life, purpose and passion of church”
Sermons from Acts 2:42-47

So Much More – October 26, 2008  So Much More PowerPoint

Seeking God in Spirit-Led Study – November 2, 2008  Seeking God… Study PowerPoint

Loving Each Other in Spirit-Led Devotion – November 9, 2008 Loving Each Other… PowerPoint

Praising God in Spirit -Led Worship – November 16, 2008  Praising God in Spirit-led Worship PowerPoint

Reaching Out with Spirit-Led Passion – November 23, 2008  Reaching Out with Spirit-Led Passion PowerPoint

The Wonderful Church – November 30, 2009  The Wonderful Church PowerPoint

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