911 What Is Your Emergency

A Different Kind of King

A Live Wire

A Message in Blood

An Adultery Celebrating Culture

At One Time

Be Encouraged

Being Mean At Work

Berlins New Wall

Blessing of a Church Family


Cliché Busting

Cut It Straight

Dad Skips Search For Missing Son

Forgiveness and Taking The Punishment

Hunting Deer

I Fell At His Feet

Like Taking Candy

Listen to Jesus

Lottery Fever

Missing Grace

Not a Thing to Wear

Now and Forevermore Amen

Open Eyes Open Heart

Reaffirming Faith In The Midst of Tragedy

Regretful Words

Relaxing the Obsession

Serving My Time

Settling In

Sharing Gods Grace

Sharing Troubles

Shopping for Crack Pipes

Shrek the Sheep

Tested in A Sea of Rage

The Roots of Faith

Treasures in Heaven

Why Not Rather Be Wronged

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